Geert Skovsgaard buys out minority shareholders

Geert Skovsgaard takes over the remaining SallingPlast A/S interest from the Jensen family.  


With the acquisition of the controlling interest in SallingPlast A/S, Geert Skovsgaard takes over as CEO of the company.

High-flow pipe system

SallingPlast A/S introduces the improved high-flow pipe system with a 13% reduction of pressure loss.

New managing director

Mogens Stentebjerg takes over the position of managing director from Palle Christensen.

50 years' anniversary

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Salling Plast A/S marks the first half century with the introduction of a new logo, a new design line, and visual change of the spelling; SallingPlast A/S.

The open house festivities over two days attract more than 1,400 guests enjoying food, drinks and plenty of entertainment.


Acquisition of the companies NP Profil and Danrør, which, among other things, produce bollards for harbours.

Open House

Salling Plast A/S invites all employees and their families to an open house. Well over 500 people enjoy a fun and pleasant day with plenty of activities.

New Managing director

Palle Christensen takes over the position of managing director from Christian Holm Jensen


Salling Plast A/S establishes a production department in Belarus.

New warehouse

New storage facilities of 2,000 sqm are inaugurated. Salling Plast A/S now has 22,000 sqm under the roof and 160,000 sqm of outdoor storage area.

Acquiring buildings

Salling Plast A/S acquires the neighbouring buildings of the construction company M. Nielsen.

Doubling production

With 500,000 yearly units, the production of shrinkable sleeves for the district heating industry has doubled.

To increase storage space, Salling Plast A/S buys the nearby Ranum Hallen.

40 years' anniversary

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Salling Plast A/S invites customers, suppliers and colleagues for a reception.

ISO 9001

Salling Plast A/S is ISO 9001 approved by the auditing company Dansk Standard.

Enviromental award

Salling Plast A/S receives the Municipality’s Environmental Award for its efforts to limit resource consumption in production.

Salling Plast A/S invites interested local citizens and the families of the employees to an open house – welcoming more than 300 visitors.


Salling Plast A/S acquires Lymatex, a Ranum-based company founded in 1982 by Arne Lynge og Kim Madsen.

Acquiring buildings

Salling Plast A/S buys the facilities of the furniture manufacturer, Sannemanns Møbelfabrik.

New products

The company establishes the production of prefabricated bends and t-joints for the customers Tarco, Starpipe, ABB, and Løgstør Rør.

Acquisitions and generational transition

Salling Plast A/S acquires Ranum Rør.

Salling Plast A/S acquires a branch of ABB based in Ranum.

Christian, Mogens, and Carsten Holm Jensen take over the day-to-day running of the company from their parents Tove and Poul Henrik Jensen. This implies the simultaneous merger of Salling Plast A/S and K.C.M. Production ApS.

K.C.M. Produktion ApS

With the purpose of providing an independent company for his three sons to “learn how to do business”, Poul Henrik Jensen establishes K.C.M. Produktion ApS.

From ApS to A/S

Salling Plast ApS is converted into a joint-stock company; Salling Plast A/S.

The yearly production of shrinkable sleeves for the district heating industry exceeds 250,000 units.

New managing director

K. Skov Christensen is appointed to managing director of the company.

Company founded

Tove og Poul Henrik Jensen found Salling Plast ApS.